Children of Srinagar, Kashmir
Children of Srinagar, Kashmir
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  Venus Envy — What you've missed  

  Venus Envy
  Vol V : issue 1

  Cover page
  Kaushik Basu
  Radhika Coomaraswamy
  Taslima Nasreen
  N. S. Madhavan
  Zehra Nigah
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  These articles are available only in the print edition
Kamla Bhasin - Calling our own tune (Essay) - Indian women have expressed their anger and desires in song from the earliest times, says Kamla Bhasin, and the oral tradition is still helping them to break the silence
Ratna Kapur - The right to move (Essay) - Anti-trafficking law has confused trafficking with migration and sex work, says Ratna Kapur, and can criminalise the woman breadwinner who crosses borders in search of work to the bhadralok of Calcutta
Kamala Das - Guest room (Poetry)
Pradnya Lokhande - Thirst (Poetry, translated from the Marathi)
Nirupama Dutt - The black woman (Poetry, translated from the Punjabi)
Jane Bhandari - Fertility clinic (Poetry)
Ranjit Hoskote - Golden orioles (Poetry)
Nasima Aziz - The broken face (Poetry)
Priya Sarukkai-Chhabria - Linked verse (Poetry)
Lehar Zaidi - Chokher Bali face (Poetry)
Mrinal Pande - Aunt Areca (Fiction, translated from the Hindi)
Zaheda Hina - Shahenshah Bano (Fiction, translated from the Urdu)
Mohinder Singh Sarna - Once there was a village (Fiction, translated from the Punjabi)
Rajeswari Balasubramanium - Walarmathi and the washing machine (Fiction, translated from the Tamil)
Swapna Dutta - Eventide (Fiction)
K. Srilata - Sarasu (Fiction)
Shweta - An unborn story (Fiction)
Shahid M. Nadeem - Acquittal (Playscript, translated from the Urdu)
Pamela Philipose - Of virile sons and dutiful daughters (Review) - Paola Bacchetta’s Gender in the Hindu Nation: RSS Women as Ideologues and Shifting Body Politics: Gender, Nation, State in Pakistan by Shahnaz Rouse
Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr - It would drive Tarantino crazy (Review) - Revisiting Pingali Suranna’s Telugu classic The Sound of the Kiss
Aodiiti D. Mehtta - Reproductive health and bicycle pumps - (Review) Two books on the reproductive and sexual lives of Indian women: Mrinal Pande’s O Ubbiri and The Unheard Scream, an anthology of essays
Shougat Dasgupta - Story of a babykiller - (Review) An appraisal of the Tamil writer Vaasanthi’s Birthright
PLUS - An Update of cultural news from around India
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