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  Vol II : issue 5

  Pete Seeger
  S.K. Singh
  Vladislava Gordic
  N.S. Madhavan
  Nida Fazli
  Vinay Lal
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Harold Pinter - Uncle Samís smile (Essay) - The playwright recalls the NATO action in Serbia and argues that the real rogue state is the United States, with a shocking disjunction between its words and deeds
Pradeep Bhatia - Just another day in Kashmir (Memory) - On August 10 last year, this promising young photographer was killed by a car bomb in Srinagar. But the film in his camera survived
Pamela Bhagat -Strangers at home (Reportage) - Stories of the battle-scarred Kashmiris overshadowed by the stereotype of the ruthless militant ó who still remain aliens in their own land
Sonia Jabbar - Everyday Kashmir (Photo essay) - A slice of life that goes well beneath the turbulent surface, on film
Kurt Tucholsky - The green lamp (Fiction)
Mrinal Pande - And then we went down to dinner (Fiction)
N.S. Madhavan - Amma (Fiction)
Sulekha Sanyal - The sannyasin of Sundarpur (Fiction)
Arun Prakash - Bhaiya Express (Fiction)
Jaya Mitra - My own, the Unknown (Fiction)
Meenaxi Barkotoki - The ringing silence (New fiction)
Gulzar - Riots (Poetry)
Indran Amirthanayagam - Star over Jaffna (Poetry)
Harris Khalique - A brief history of Pakistan (Poetry)
Kumar Vikal -Dream Home (Poetry)
Paash -War and peace (Poetry)
Adnan Sattar - To all those who laugh today (Poetry)
Michael J. Brennan - The tragic illusion