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  What brought this on  

  Middle class
  Vol I : issue 3

  Ashis Nandy
  Amit Chaudhuri
  Kamala Das
  Paula Gunn Allen
Karen Swenson
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Paula Gunn Allen

A fine spring day. The first, really.

Realizing exactly what slouched

toward White Sands

to be born and is already grown.

Is getting old. I'm driven to get out

while the sun shines here

in a calmer city a life away,

where the perfect sun gets tangled

in the branches of predictably ho-hum trees,

and whatever it is that Iíve

been dreaming lies asleep,

making everything

Iíve thought a bit too late--

but thatís okay. I did find out

whatís in a name, by god,

and I gotta say it isnít much.

Still, a good olí rummage through piles

of Ď50s junkís a trip, though one discovers

few if any homey bargains in the heaps.

I think whatever glitters

isnít gold, and nothing ever smells as sweet,

no matter how high itís priced,

no matter what some historians write.






Watercolour by JATIN DAS

 New age televangelism

 The teleguru on PBS paraquoting

Wordsworth the first Romantic

(well, almost) says that we should

willingly suspend disbelief.

I thought about clapping for Tinker Bell,

and knowing just how much I believe

in the unbelievable. Itís easy enough

to believe in fairies, in miracles, in change

for the sake of change ó though Iím not

so sure change is possible ó

If I suspend disbelief in the mendacity

Of my neighbor, will I become

an overnight success? Somehow

I donít think that's what he means. But

Itís a thought...


Paula Gunn Allen is a leading Native American feminist writer and scholar. A former professor at UCLA, she lives in Berkeley, California