Photograph by Susanta Banerjee
Photograph by Susanta Banerjee
Photograph by Susanta Banerjee
  Looking for me — Only in the print edition  

  Looking for me
  Vol IV : issue 5 & 6

  Cover page
  Ashis Nandy
  Kunwar Narain
  S. Diwakar
  Tadeus Pfeifer
  Satish Alekar
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Chelva Kanaganayakam - Imagined Sri Lanka (Essay) - In distant Toronto, Chelva Kanaganayakam looks back on the home he has left behind and is convinced that despite the burden of history, the island still has the ability to dream of a once and future utopia
Ananya Jahanara Kabir - Memorialising Partition (Essay) - Shared sorrow is exorcised by collective mourning, says Ananya Jahanara Kabir, and the job is best done by the artistic community, which can show each side of the divide its implication in the sorrow of the other
Günter Grass - The finger on the wound (Interview) - Günter Grass, noted for his strong views on the responsibility of the writer, recalls the months he spent in India and tells Martin Kämpchen why he was impelled to show his tongue to the bhadralok of Calcutta
Kamala Das - A mock wedding (Poetry)
Jayanta Mahapatra - The stones (Poetry, translated from the Oriya)
Nabaneeta Dev Sen - Birthday poem (Poetry, translated from the Bengali)
Rajendra Shah - The crescent moon (Poetry, translated from the Gujarati)
Gulammohammed Sheikh - Negative (Poetry, translated from the Gujarati)
Manglesh Dabral - Forgotten folk song (Poetry, translated from the Hindi)
Surjit Patar - Returning home (Poetry, translated from the Punjabi)
Lakshmi Kannan - Crossing the river (Poetry)
Manzur-I-Mouwla - A secret (Poetry)
Arun Kale - Ears (Poetry, translated from the Marathi)
Daud Haider - The call of the flute (Poetry, translated from the Bengali)
E.V. Ramakrishnan - Gama's ship (Poetry)
Praful Shiledar - Before embarking on my autobiography (Poetry, translated from the Marathi)
K. Ramesh - Billboards, after Independence (Poetry)
Rabindra Swain - Wintering at Udaipur (Poetry)
Subhayu Mishra - Happily ever after (Poetry)
Intezar Hussain - Clouds (Fiction, translated from the Urdu)
Asghar Wajahat - The Padmashree and I (Fiction, translated from the Urdu)
M. Mukundan - Five and a half (Fiction, translated from the Malayalam)
Siddhartha Che Guevara - Kamikaze (Fiction, translated from the Tamil)
Akhteruzzaman Elias - An accidental death (Fiction, translated from the Bengali)
Evald Flisar - Disappointment (Fiction, translated from the Slovene)
Shrawan Kumar - Marauders (Fiction, translated from the Hindi)
Babu Suthar - Lulo (Fiction, translated from the Gujarati)
A.S. Panneerselvan - Present imperfect (Fiction)
Ruby Lal - Nur Banu's invitation (Fiction)
Sumanto Chattopadhyay - Suku's wordview (Fiction)
Meenakshi Chawla - The fish who flew (Fiction)
Buddhadeb Dasgupta - Story of a bad girl (Filmscript, the translated script of Mondo Meyer Upakhyan, Buddhadeb Dasgupta's latest work about prostitution in rural Bengal that won the National Award for Best Feature Film of 2002)
Pamela Philipose - Sir Vidia, again and again (Review) - reads V.S. Naipaul: Literary Occasions, and gets the eerie feeling that she's read it all before
Manjulaa Negi - Catch a stunning star (Review) - finds Bunny Reuben-'s 'definitive biography' of Dilip Kumar glosses over the definitely unpleasant facets of the actor's life
Tista Bagchi - Longing to belong (Review) - reads Swarnakumari Debi's 1892 Bengali classic, Snehalata ba Palita (The uprooted vine)
Aoditii D. Mehtta - Know thy neighbour (Review) - in Dibyendu Palit's The Faces and Other Stories, Aoditii Mehtta rediscovers one of the most faithful chroniclers of ordinary lives in Bengal
PLUS: Backlog - More images from an imperfect world by Vishwajyoti Ghosh.
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