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  Vol III : issue 3

  Vinton Cerf
  Krishna Sobti
  Devendra Ankur
  Ashapurna Debi
Kamala Das
  Joy Goswami
  Jerry Pinto
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Amartya Sen - Speaking of freedom (Essay) - Free speech and a free press, crucial components of democracy, play a key role in the economic development of a nation.
Susan Leubuscher - The new wordsmiths (Essay) - When it comes to environmental and social concerns, multinationals are investing in beautiful words at the expense of meaningful action.
Probal Dasgupta - Trafficking in words (Essay) - Talking of language, translation and missionary zeal, the essay threads its way through thoroughfares of contending terms, theories and traditions.
Amita Malik - Moving pictures - (Essay) - Tracking the cinema revolution over the last century to see how it has informed and transformed mass communication in India
Sumanta Banerjee - Encounter in a death cell (Essay) - Deconstructing a conversation between a prostitute turned serial killer of 91th century Calcutta and the police detective who arrested her.
M. Mukundan - Stranger (Fiction, translated from the Malayalam)
S. Diwakar - The palace of light (Fiction, translated from the Kannada)
Dhanushkodi Ramasami - The letter (Fiction, translated from the Tamil)
Sara Rai - Honeymoon (Fiction, translated from the Hindi)
Nabaneet Dev Sen - The circle (Play for voices, translated from the Bengali)
Krishan Adeeb - These dreams (Poetry, translated from the Urdu)
Kamal Vora - The wall (Poetry, translated from the Gujarati)
Daud Haider - Travails (Poetry, translated from the Bengali)
Mahmood Sham - Tele-romance (Poetry, translated from the Urdu)
Elzy Thaarmangalam - Truths (Poetry)
S. Rameshan - Frog in the well (Poetry, translated from the Malayalam)
Anamika - Fill in the blanks (Poetry, translated from the Hindi)
Adreyo Sen - The absence of silence (New poetry)
K. Srilata - Me and my poem (New poetry)
Nancy Gandhi - Fading light (New poetry)
Vinay Sharma - All telephones are dead (new fiction)
Rahul Sagar - Letters to the Gnome (New writing)
Pamela Phipose - After the funeral (Review) - An appraisal of two recent academic works on the image and reality of the Hindu widow
Pratik Kanjilal - The trouser people (Review) - A contemporary journey through Burma, inspired by Sir George Scott's journal
PLUS: Backlog - More disturbing images by Vishwajyoti Ghosh.