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  The wall
  Vol II : issue 4

  Jean-Luc Nancy
  Arun Kolatkar
  Victor Rangel-Ribeiro
  New writing
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Rituparno Ghosh — Bariwali (Filmscript) — The complete text of the latest film by the 'woman's director' of Bengali cinema, which won hearts recently at the Berlin Film Festival — Translated from Bengali
Kaifi Azmi — A moment, Life and Toys (Poetry) — 'The boat here is made of sand, froth goes into making the boatman/ The train is fashioned out of wood, the elephant mother of pearl/ These heavy machines those light ones are made of plastic/ The wheels are moulded from wax, they can neither stop nor move' - Translated from Urdu
Balachandran Chullikkad The possessed (Poetry) — 'Past midnight/ Your Machismo bike/ riderless,/ roars along the deserted streets — /witnesses say./ yes, I believe their words'
Amit Dasgupta — Why globalisation gives us the willies (Essay) — After the fiasco at Seattle, it's time for Doha. This time, the big noises in the WTo should work on winning back the faith of nations lower on the totem pole
Rahul Sagar — Access @ll (Essay) — Democratic deficits, rampant even in the 'advanced countries', are causing the systemic disillusionment which has become the bugbear of globalisation
Nirmal Verma — The long way home — (Short fiction) — "Why don't you go back home?" I made bold to ask — it was the kind of boldness that only comes from drinking and never again returns. "Home..." he looked scared. "What home! I don't understand what you mean." He was so close to me that I drew back. Sometimes we can smell fear, like animals — Translated from Hindi
Lakshmi Kannan — Nandanvan (Short fiction ) 'The new sparrow tilted its head to one side and looked at Thatha from the corner of its eye. Then gradually, it inched its way towards the man in short, hopping flights...' — Translated from Tamil
Selina Hossain Motijaan's daughters (Short fiction) — 'Marriage gives a woman a certain stature in her new household — she becomes a wife, and this condition marks the beginning of a new chapter in her life...'
Amarjit Chandan Gorky's cell (Personal essay)'Prisons are bleeding wounds on the chest of the earth. They are the darkest spots on the map. Wherever a human being is imprisoned is an area of darkness.'
Maitrayee Chaudhuri —family values (Review) — Of Leela Dube's latest book, Anthropological explorations in gender
Alok Dhanwa — Light of the first film (Poetry) —And two other poems besides
Amitabha Bagchi Delhi Triptych (Prose) — 'The light changed to red and the car came to a stop at the line. The little girl got up off the divider and came to the window. It was a white Honda with the seats still in their plastic covers...''
Sagari Chhabra — Monument (Poetry) — 'You placed my disembodied eyes/ that had seen my husband slain,/ my brother abducted,/ my son missing...'
PLUS: Vishwajyoti Ghosh deals with a strange and terrible backlog