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Sex & Violence
  Vol II : issue 1

  Amrita Pritam
  Mrinal Pande
  Evelyne Accad
  Gagan Gill
  Selina Hossain
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Uma Chakravarti - The unspoken (Essay) -'Women's writing in the nineteenth century, especially in western India, shifted the focus to a sharper critique of a male-dominated society, which came close to outlining the features of patriarchies as they operated in India.
Sabiha Alam - Woman, invisible (Essay) -'When the achievements of the Green Revolution were being documented in the mid-eighties, I could not find the role of the women In fact, the records show that the women did not play any major role in the progress of the region'
Arvind Narrain -Violence by law (Essay) -'The violence of the law operates through a double bind, criminalising certain actions while silently refusing to recognise certain rights. These have been characterised as the violence of discourse and the violence of silence'
Dom Moraes - Two new works, including 'Minotaur' (Poetry) 'My mother locked me in this labyrinth. My father looms upon the public square built over it. Bronzefleshed upon his plinth, he treads me down to where dead people are'
Shankho Ghosh - Roots (Poetry) -'I remember The sad, drawn face of the youth Who waits for her even now'
Kumar Vikal - Jagiro (Poetry)- ''Mauling' is not just a word for Jagiro -- but the expression of her being her life's deepest bruise'
Amarjit Chandan - Who wouldn't (Poetry)- 'Who wouldn't want to talk of the long road the bicycle ride broken slate of childhood'
Tanmoy Bhattacharya - Indo-China War, 1962 (Poetry)- 'Yes, it's not good, I knew. it's not good that my forefinger trembles from a distant fear and rises -- almost -- to the Bakelite'
Anmole Prasad - Jeep (Poetry) -'Many wars are fought across the mediocre foxholes of the head'
V. Subramanian - On a soundwalk (Poetry)- 'But what you did meanwhile: Clear throat, twirl tongue, smack lips, set hair-do'
Ashapurna Debi - Matchbox (Short fiction) - 'Women are like match-boxes. Within, they bear all the material for a conflagration, but somehow they are never able to set alight a man's mask of large-heartedness'
Altaf Tyrewala - Voices in the head (New fiction)- 'I have heard that in America abortion is a source of perennial controversy. If you are pro you are a murderer, cruel, careless. If you are anti you are stupid, religious, but still careless. I am neither'
M. Mukundan - Delhi's criminals turn sadists (Short fiction/sequel) -'I write this story in the first week of August, 1999. This city, changing fast every day, is becoming faceless. There are just eyes full of avarice and lust. Those eyes see only open beds in every path that women walk'
The good life - Martha Nussbaum in a discussion with TLM about making the pursuit of happiness seriously meaningful
Sarnath Banerjee -Storyboard (Graphic story) - The story behind the sex ratio in Bihar, told in about 30 frames
Tista Bagchi -When women went astray - 'I recall an advertisement placed in the back pages of a Bengali almanac published not very many years ago, publicising a tract entitled 'Why Woman goes Astray, and How to Redeem Her''
To stir the still air - Nirupama Dutt The painter Jatin Das, at the turning point between memory and desire
A.K. Shiva Kumar - Are reforms on course? -'I have often wondered how the 'educated' public will fare if there were posed a set of questions on the state of Indian society after almost a decade of economic reforms'