Demon by Siona Benjamin (detail)
Demon by Siona Benjamin (detail)
Demon by Siona Benjamin (detail)
  Globalisation and culture - Notes

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  Vol V : issue 4& 5

  Amartya Sen

  Günter Grass
  Joseph E. Stiglitz
  Meghnad Desai
  Jug Suraiya
  Sunil Khilnani
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Meghnad Desai

This essay is based on the Maulana Azad Lecture the author delivered in Delhi, December 2004.

1. There was a Hindu movement outwards to the archipelago which we now identify with Malaysia and Indonesia. But its geographic limits were reached early on at the borders of Cambodia/Vietnam, where the Sinic order took over.

2. I am aware that there are many caveats to add to this simple account of industrial capitalism’s origins. For my current purposes, however, the simple story is sufficient.

3. For a general account of the nature of these changes see Meghnad Desai, Marx’s Revenge.

4. For a cogent discussion of identity, see Chapter 1 of the Human Development Report 2004, signed by Amartya Sen

5. Frequently, ‘natives’ are just those who arrived earlier, but who have made the effort to get integrated in their new culture.

6. ‘Too Diverse? Is Britain Becoming too Diverse to Sustain the Mutual Obligations Behind a Good Society and the Welfare State?’ Prospect, February 2004.

7. Samuel P. Huntington, Who Are We?


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Lord Meghnad Desai is a Labour Party legislator of Britain’s House of Lords and a former professor at the
London School of Economics. He lives in London