Demon by Siona Benjamin (detail)
Demon by Siona Benjamin (detail)
Demon by Siona Benjamin (detail)
  Mushrooming Twins

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  Vol V : issue 4& 5

  Amartya Sen

  Günter Grass
  Joseph E. Stiglitz
  Meghnad Desai
  Jug Suraiya
  Sunil Khilnani
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Günter Grass

Along the forest soil
with seemingly fixed, but then
discernably lumbering steps
someone came towards me
dressed in earth-coloured cords
whom I
lumbering in cords
advanced towards
who was almost myself
with pipe drawing badly
away on the forest soil.

Both single-minded
rounded backs
passing as though heedlessly.
From him to me, from me to him
a brief glance
only from the corner of our eyes
no alarm
I and I
just wanted to know who
was carrying more mushrooms home
in his knapsack.

Ink on paper by PREM SINGH

Shortly before Easter

Saw a swan
in a black pool
I startled back,
but not he.
Too much beauty
and composure -
couldn't take it,
I left.

On the way back
two toads on top of each other
hardly animated by breath.
Thus, year after year
as though by commandment.

Oh, if the world stood upside down!
Maybe something would fall
out of its pocket.
A key, perhaps,
that would fit a back door.


Translated from the German ‘Kurz vor Ostern’ and ‘Doppelt in die Pilze gegangen’ by Allison Williams and TLM


Fiction writer, essayist, poet and graphic artist, Günter Grass was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1999. He lives in Behlendorf, Germanyi