Photograph by Susanta Banerjee
Photograph by Susanta Banerjee
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  Vol IV : issue 4

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  David Lelyveld
  Joginder Paul
  Antara Dev Sen
  Evald Flisar
  Amrita Pritam
Nirupama Rao
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Irfan Habib - The legacy of Ayodhya (Essay) - The Babri Masjid dispute has destroyed the hitherto sacrosanct principle of the neutrality of the State
David Lelyveld - The mystery mansion (Essay) - Muslim 'other' haunting Allahabad's Anand Bhawan, ancestral home of the Nehrus
Suroopa Mukherjee - MIC-night's children (Essay) - Ophaned twice over by tragedy and official neglect, the children who lost everything in the Bhopal gas disaster are yet to find their feet
Antara Dev Sen - The skull beneath the skin (Essay) - Mass fratricide in the name of faith has become the most obvious thread of continuity in the modern Indian State. The TLM team traces victims and eyewitnesses of riots past, from 1947 to the present
Amrita Pritam - I will meet you yet again (Poetry, translated from the Punjabi)
Gulzar - I remember (Poetry, translated from the Hindi)
Jagannath Prasad Das - After Gujarat (Poetry, translated from the Oriya)
Narayan Surve - Dawoodchacha (Poetry, translated from the Marathi)
Rajlukshmee Debee-Bhattacharya - The rules of love (Poetry, translated from the Bengali)
Ranjit Hoskote - Miniature (Poetry)
Sadanand Rege - A childish memory (Poetry, translated from the Marathi)
Nirupama Rao - St Petersburg (Poem)
K. Jayakumar - If only I had made you listenů (Poetry)
Anupama Raju - House of dreams (Poetry)
Rahee Dahake - The city of the dead (Poetry)
Vinay Sharma - Zero two (Poetry)
Rabindranath Tagore - The master's ghost (Fiction, translated from the Bengali)
Evald Flisar - The portrait (Fiction, translated from the Slovene)
Harishankar Parsai - The lost soul (Fiction, translated from the Hindi)
Joginder Paul - The second step (Fiction, translated from the Urdu)
Firdous Haider - The unburdened heart (Fiction, translated from the Urdu)
Dhiruben Patel - Once upon a time (Fiction, translated from the Gujarati)
Devi Prasad Sinha - The suspended step (Fiction)
Dhiraj Singh - Stardust (Fiction)
Maxwell Pinto - Switchpoint (Fiction)
Amitava Kumar - Child in time (Review) - Discovers a new style of anti-storytelling in Raj Kamal Jha's If You are Afraid of Heights
Navtej Sarna - Of Indian English and other sins (Review) - accuses Farrukh Dhondy of the venial sin of irksomeness in Adultery and Other Stories
M. Mukundan - Epic imagination (Review) - dips into N.S. Madhavan's Malayalam novel Lenthenbetheriyile Luthiniyakal and find it more sensitive than The Moor's Last Sigh, with which it shares locales
Amita Malik - Double take (Review) - reassesses the new, revised edition of Merie Seton's classic Portrait of a Director : Satyajit Ray
A.J. Thomas - Disparate voices (Review) - harks at new voices in Indian poetry in English
Udit Chaudhuri - Oh, what a lovely war!
Deepan Banati - Friendly fire
PLUS: Backlog - More criminally violent images from Vishwajyoti Ghosh.
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