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The Little Magazine considers work from all parts of the world. Our special interest is work in translation from languages other than English.

However, we do not consider work which has been previously published in English in any medium. If you are submitting simultaneously to other publications, please mention that and inform us immediately, as a matter of courtesy, if your work appears elsewhere, so that we can take it off the pending list.

We publish essays, fiction, poetry, novellas, film and theatre scripts, besides artwork in various media. We interpret these categories rather liberally. Unlike most publications, we are also liberal about the length of contributions: we're game for anything up to 25,000 words (if its long, it better be good!). If you are submitting a script, please bear in mind that we shall probably require performance photographs.

Except in the case of artwork, please feel free to submit your complete work directly. We prefer to receive Word attachments at writenow@littlemag.com. In your mail, please include a short note about yourself. If your submission is used, we will need this information for the author introduction.

For artwork, please send us scans/copies in 72 dpi resolution for consideration at the same address, or send photocopies to our street address. Do not send us originals for consideration; we shall not be responsible for loss or damage to them. If your work is accepted, we shall ask you for the original artwork or scans at 300 dpi.

We try to report by email at the same periodicity as our publishing schedule: two months. However, despite the best of intentions, we are not able to respond to all submissions. This is partly because we are a very small team, each of us is involved in several activities and something falls through the cracks once in a while. Also, our issues are themed, so we often have to wait for a suitable one to come along before we can publish your contribution. Themes are often decided just days before we go to press, so we cannot, in general, commit to publish in advance. And sometimes, your contribution simply fails to reach us. Emails do fail occasionally. And postmen are notoriously fail-unsafe in our part of the world.

In a nutshell, please don't be offended if you get no response from us. As you can see, we have no problems about simultaneous submissions, so long as we are informed about use elsewhere. And naturally, we shall inform you if and when your contribution goes to press.

The little people (littlepeople@littlemag.com)

About You
(We always run an author intro, so please do say something)
Large submissions or artwork should be emailed as an attachment with the above information at writenow@littlemag.com