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Zafar H. Anjum

I must say, very nice use of words to create a vague idea of things. Nice, taut words aptly describing reality and love. Ending could have been better off describing the woman doing something more. O on the whole, very nice.

Sunil Wadhwa

i like the introduction of the third voice of the shopkeeper .

the contents are reality as one reads it.

Indira Barve

The short story has been written with style, finesse and a touch of sentiment. However, the protagonist seems trapped in her illusions that her husband had a contributory role in her son's death and of his meetings with otehr women. Her sense of insecuurity over her plumpness only aggravates her suspicions abt her husband. Could there not have been a way by which she could have faced her problems including the loss of her son in a more objective manner and tried to make her marriage work instead of feeling all is lost? An element of hope is what keeps every marriage intact. On the whole, it is an extremely well presented shortstory. Do write and diversify this talent.


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