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Mayurica Biswas

Come on, Mayurica! All of us toy with these thoughts, play with imaginary friends, who grow from mates of the same sex when young, to charming, handsome lovers as we mature and realise our sexuality. And lonliness afflicts us all. Someone working for the State Bank of India, and sensibly spending some and saving some money would be rational enough to realise that? Don't tell me loneliness can drive a person to hopelessness at 28?


It is a greatly auditious adventure to offer a glimpse of one's own self and life to the others; especially when the account is a genuine and honest one. But I believe that "reality is boring ", in the words of Salman Rushdie. Giving an account as it appears to the narrator faithfully does not require as much dexterity as when the account is spiced with the writer's own sense of imagination and eloquence. It is the chief responsibility of the writer to draw a distinction between a mundane real life account and a narrative that arrest your attention that a reading and remains indelibly and grows with us in the years to follow. But on the whole I have found traces of great promise and talent in the simplicity and honest of narration in the account 'Utopia'.

Monali Chatterjee

Very short and sweet. And unexpectedly tragic.

Pramila Saravanan

this story is simply good... smart style but not so attractive as what i want from a writer. maybe the writer didn't want to make a happy solution... or may be she hadn't another ending of the story except death of the main chareacter. while i read the story i remembered albrear kamu's stranger and kafka's matamarphosis etc. what's the new/shoking in this story?

shawon akand

Marriageable Age deals with an interesting story, though the effect which a theme like this should have produced did not come into being.

Perhaps too many words flattened the poem. The poem stars with words difficult to pronounce. The end seems common too.

Muhammad Saiful Islam

Too short! The story did have limited possibilities which could have been expanded upon. Like for example the personality traits of Siddharth. Also some snapshots of the protagonist's life would've been valuable instead of the bland opening paragraph.

Mayurica has an easy style but I think she needs more practice in writing fiction. A little less introspective pieces are reccommended.

Sabyasachi Biswas

I have fully enjoyed your writing.

Could you tell me through email how I can send my own writing,and also your suggetions for a new comer in the world of writing?

Anindra Kr Biswas

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