Bloodsport — Only in the print edition  

  Vol III : issue 5&6

  Godfrey Hodgson
  Achin Vanaik
  Sanjoy Hazarika
  Lucy Nusseibeh
N.S. Madhavan
  Ashok Vajpeyi
  Asghar Wajahat
  M.A. Hashhash
  Only in Print

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  These articles are not available on the Internet
Gulzar - Maachis (Filmscript) - The complete script of the award-winning film on terror. This is the only edition of the script in any language.
Noam Chomsky - Judging justice (Essay) - An analysis of the motivations behind the current US campaign against Iraq offers a diverting alternative to current Republican strategy.
Swadesh Deepak - Court Martial (Playscript) - The acclaimed Hindi play questioning the nature of justice and and its iniquitous distribution, in translation.
Vandana Joshi - ‘Return to normalcy’ (Essay) - There are unnerving parallels between the political and social conditions which made the carnage in Gujarat possible, and those which led to the rise of the Third Reich in Germany.
Sérgio Mascarenhas de Almeida - The missing link (Essay) - Why democracy has had a rough ride outside its cradle in the West.
Meena Alexander - In altered light (Personal essay) - How the September 11, 2001 tragedy in New York City affected the lives of the city.
Ananya Jahanara Kabir - The art of peace (Essay) - The visual arts are effective resources for peacekeeping as well as peace-building, and open up spaces in which it is possible to resolve and come to terms with conflict at a human level.
Ritu Menon - Doing peace (Essay) - The development of women’s peace activism in South Asia has been different from the usual CBMs and people-to-people dialogues, and is crafting a new politics of understanding.
Nabaneeta Dev Sen - The aftermath (Fiction, translated from the Bengali)
Amitava Kumar - Girgit (Fiction, translated from the Hindi)
Chandradhar Sharma Guleri - The promise (Fiction, translated from the Punjabi)
Mohinder Singh Sarna - Basant, the madman (Fiction, translated from the Punjabi)
Zahida Hina - Chasing butterflies (Fiction, translated from the Urdu)
Lindell Kay - Brothers (English fiction)
Shahryar - Who was it? (Poetry, translated from the Urdu)
Mahmoud Abu Hashhash - The shelter (Poetry, translated from the Arabic)
Ashok Vajpeyi - The past as history (Auschwitz I) (Poetry, translated fom the Hindi)
Narayan Surve - Karl Marx (Poetry, translated from the Marathi)
Amitoj - Roshanara (Poetry, translated from the Punjabi)
K. Satchidanandan - Objects (Poetry, translated from the Malayalam)
Daud Haider - Says Chandidas (Poetry, translated from the Bengali)
Girdhar Rathi - One-sided (Poetry, translated fom the Hindi)
Uneza Akhtar - Rath yatra (English poetry)
Harris Khalique - I shall not return the borrowed dust (English poetry)
Jayanta Mahapatra - Gujarat, 2002 (English poetry)
Durga Prasad Panda - Today (New poetry)
Ayesha Khan - What do I need? (New poetry)
PLUS: Film and literature reviews, reader opinion, cultural roundup and Backlog - some more disturbing images from Vishwajyoti Ghosh.