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  Vol II : issue 3

  Amrita Pritam
  Claudia Card
  K. Satchidanandan
  Daud Haider
Gagan Gill
  Merle Almeida

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Amartya Sen - The smallness thrust upon us (Essay) - We all have multiple, overlapping identities, and we have the right to prioritise them irrespective of communitarian pressures.
Megan Vaughan - Either nobody or a nation (Essay) - Traces the development of culture in Mauritius, from melting pot to salad bowl, from Créolité to the loss of Creole dominance in the politics of multiculturalism.
Kancha Ilaiah - A suffocating nation (Essay) - The 19th century reform movements aimed to Brahminise the lower castes. Now, the lower castes feel the need for the reverse — the 'Sudraisation' of Indian society.
Soma Wadhwa - Behind the veil (Essay) - It is difficult for Indian Muslim women to belong to the times because of curious interpretations of personal law.
Krishna Baldev Vaid - The Otherlanders (Essay) - The writer recalls the alienated people of the post-Partition era who were to become characters in his work.
Vinay Lal - The passions of distance (Review essay) - A look at Edward W. Said's Reflections on Exile and Other Essays.
Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr - Sermons for the sceptics (Review essay ) -Reading The Transformed Mind of the Dalai Lama.
S. Diwakar - The orphans (Fiction, translated from the Kannada)
Ambikasuthan Mangad - He who sleeps in water (Fiction, translated from the Malayalam)
Nabaneeta Dev Sen - In the service of the Lord (Fiction, translated from the Bengali)
Manju Kak - The inheritance (Fiction, translated from the Hindi)
  Anjum Katyal - Fragment (Poetry)
  Nirupama Dut - Cityscape (Poetry, translated from the Oriya)
  Ramakanta Rath - A kissing episode (Poetry, translated from the Oriya)
Amarjit Chandan - Lasan garlic (Poetry, translated from the Punjabi)
  Rohena Gera - How to drive in Pune (Poetry)
  Tenzin Tsundue - Exile House (Poetry)
PLUS: Mapping India - Tracking the caste equations, while Vishwajyoti Ghosh deals with the backlog.