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Unlike mainstream publications, TLM does not usually need to enter into formal contracts with contributors. Most of our better-known contributors are friends, and we prefer to work in an informal relationship based on mutual respect.

However, all the work that appears in this magazine is original, unpublished elsewhere in English and written or translated specifically for us. The form that you see it in is the result of an editing process developed by us. This material is copyrighted by us, unless otherwise specified, and it is illegal to reproduce it in any form without permission.

In recent times, our content has surfaced without credit or acknowledgement in several unexpected locations, including Websites, mainstream books and the publication of a cultural body of the Indian government. One of India's biggest publishing houses has filched our concept and technique in toto and launched a trial balloon which they are pleased to call 'The Big Little Magazine'. This is being confused with the magazine you're reading now. Sad, because it looks ugly and positively teems with repurposed material.


We have nothing against people re-using our material, if they show the basic courtesy due to any publisher: get permission from us, pay a small reproduction fee (yes, it is small) and give credit where it is due.

If you would like to reproduce this work, please mail us a request specifying headline, byline and issue name/number at littlepeople@littlemag.com. Unless the material is already exclusively committed elsewhere, we should be in a position to give it to you, or seek reprint permission from our writers, in the rare cases where they hold copyright.

Please do not republish without prior consent, even in an effort to share. You would be doing this magazine and its writers an injury. However, please feel free to quote from articles so long as you follow the basic rule of Internet courtesy — link back to the original article and credit The Little Magazine.

The little people